Systems Engineering

Evolution Project’s Systems Engineering department continuously explores and assesses new technologies so our customers can enjoy high-quality solutions and services.  With the ever-changing  dynamics of the new market place and the different vendor’s technology strategy and objectives, we opt to providing state of the art design and implementation services based on our Customers’ needs, by always finding the best fit for every case.

Infrastructure Projects

Evolution Projects is an ICT Service Provider offering a broad range of Design, Implementation, Support and Operations services aligned to its customers’ business requirements. The company’s expertise lies in deploying and optimizing an underlay network infrastructure, thus providing customers with an agile and secure next-generation network architecture, for numerous overlay IT applications and services at any location, following worldwide standards and concepts, stemming from our partners vision and personnel experience.


Following numerous successes on large-scale networks design, implementation, support and operations, our dedicated team, partnering with Nuage Networks, has set sail to providing a next generation WAN service offering to multi-branch, multi-Data Center, Cloud-oriented enterprises to cater for their developing and future needs. Our SD-WAN service is offering technologically advanced and operationally rich features for our customers helping them understand and control their WAN while making the leap towards the new digital, software-defined era of networks.

Field Services

Our company offers high-quality on-site services in an unparalleled geographical footprint with 40+ service points across Greece and Cyprus. Evolution Project’s highly skilled engineers and support specialists, are dedicated to assisting our customers with a variety of activities enabling them to increase efficiency and reduce service and repairs. Our company expertise includes, but is not limited to Service Providers Networks and Enterprise Network and IT, including Preventive and Corrective maintenance activities.

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