Financial Technology

Design and development of a unique ecosystem for Intelligent Factoring and Supply Operators with fully customized Business Intelligence & Risk Management modules using top-notch technologies such as Blockchain and IoT. In an ever-changing financial landscape where the need for liquidity is overwhelming, our almost 20-year experience in the field is transformed into valuable solutions that meet your day-to-day financing demands.


Evolution Projects has put up an excellent team with a mix of business experts, project managers, senior software engineers and technical writers, with extensive experience in international market, to serve our objective which is to offer the best of breed RF & SCF solution for our customers. Our business experts, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, can provide the client with consultancy and advisory services and assist in various tasks including accounting scheme, products design, business workflows, policies & procedures etc.


Evolution Projects has teamed up globally with Oracle, in order to offer seamless Blockchain integration to its Proxima+ Platform over the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service. Having harvested the Hyperledger Fabric technology and combined it with 20+ years in Core Factoring and SCF platforms, we are able to deliver technologically supreme and business driven solutions to our clients that wish to be part of this unique technology that changes the core of how SCF and Factoring business is done.

Machine Learning Modelling

Proxima+ offers comprehensive analytics and Machine Learning driven algorithms for analyzing your portfolio, through its Ergodicity module. More and more Financing institutions are looking to deep dive into their data and make customized models that suits their particular portfolios or particularities of their jurisdictions. We offer customized services, with specialized data scientists that understand  the business who are fluent in ML modelling to assist you and make the most of your data.

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