Cyber Security

In a cyber world full of viruses, malware, hacktivists and cyber criminals Evolution Projects has a mission to efficiently protect companies and organisations from the impact of cyber attacks while offering an extensive suite of security services and solutions. With Evolution’s guidance and expertise, clients can significantly enhance the protection of mission-critical data from evolving threats.

Offensive Security

Evolution’s Security Assessments services are designed in such a way to assist our clients in facing all the challenges of the new Cyber Security era. Fast evolving malicious actors along with any specific clients requirements have driven our company to investing in Cyber Security Assessments by expanding its Service Catalogue to address the needs of every organisation, and fostering research and continuous skills developed for the SAS Team through specialized trainings.

Defensive Security

Evolution Projects is capable of adding value to the company’s MSS Clients systems through its’ Information Security Continuous Monitoring service. NeuroSOC operates on a 24/7 basis, tracks down individuals who attack clients’ networks and informs them about identified potential information security incidents. NeuroSOC employees are skilled information security professionals, who, by utilizing their skills on the offensive and the defensive side, can analyze and correlate events, so that Evolution Project’s MSS clients receive valuable service.

Compliance and Risk

Evolution Project’s Compliance and Risk Services are designed to assist organisations to improve their security posture by establishing an effective security governance system, identifying and successfully managing information security risks based on standard risk assessment methodologies, ensuring compliance with international security standards (e.g. ISO 27001, etc.) and/or regulatory requirements and raising employee awareness.

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